Education and Training

Azerbaijan puts special focus on the improvement of the training and education of the Armed Forces. In the framework of cooperation programmes with NATO and Allies education and training represents an area where the MOD has been making major efforts and good progress and has developed a plan.  Since the mid 90-s, with the support of Turkey, Azerbaijan has modified military training and education system and has been receiving NATO’s and Allied Nations’ assistance within the IPAP framework. The Military Academy, the Military College, and the Training and Education Centre, which includes the National PfP Training Centre are already using a Turkish-based curriculum, which itself is based on NATO standards.  Since 2002 all officers graduating from the Military Academy have been educated in accordance with these curricula.

Several objectives of the Azerbaijan IPAP document aim at the integration of the NATO standards in the national military training and education system. As a long term objective, this includes a modification of the national military training and education programmes and curricula based on agreed NATO standards, embracing basic, tactical, operational and strategic level courses and NCO training.

To further reinforce application of NATO standards in the education and training, following the decision of MOD, Azerbaijan has requested the NATO’s (International Staff) support to further develop and improve certain areas of the national military training and education system. During 2008-2013 Joint Azerbaijan-NATO Education and Training Action Plan has been developed within Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) and being implemented. This living and constantly updated comprehensive plan primarily serves the integration of NATO standards in the military education system, use of modern methodologies, and supports the defence reforms.