Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC)

To complement PARP process and to achieve higher level of interoperability with NATO forces, Azerbaijancontinues to use training, evaluation and feedback tools of the Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC) Evaluation and Feedback (E&F) programme.  Azerbaijan used the OCC process to train and evaluate an infantry company. This company successfully conducted a NATO Evaluation level 1in May 2008 and passed a Self-Evaluation Level 2 in October 2009.  In 2010 Azerbaijan declared an infantry battalion to the OCC E&F process and successfully conducted an OCC level 1 self-evaluation on 7- 16 October 2011, which was observed by the experts from NATO, US and Turkey. A NATO evaluation level 1 was successfully conducted from 18-24 June 2012.  Self-Evaluation level 2 has been conducted in October 2013and NEL2 is planned in the course 2014.

In longer term, Azerbaijan is planning to complete the training and equipment of the brigade so it can sustain an entire infantry battalion on operations including full combat support and combat service support by the end of 2015. That, to some extent, guarantees Azerbaijan’s preparedness not only for the required level of contribution in PfP, but also the significant perspective for further improvement of individual and collective actions within NATO.