Partnership Staff Post

Participation in training programmes, peacekeeping mission and exercises, helps foster a new generation of officers fully interoperable with their NATO counterparts.  In this regard, the Partnership Staff Post (PSP) Concept is the most valuable tool. PSP Concept creates possibilities for Partners to second their officers within various NATO Headquarters and Commands, to gain experience and knowledge working side-by-side with Allies in the same headquarters and offices. Azerbaijan is effectively using this instrument and has provided more than 40 officers for PSP posts since 2002.

Azerbaijan officers taking service together with officers from different countries at various NATO headquarters are gaining a knowledge of NATO standards and procedures as well as the working experience of international headquarters. Knowledge and experience gained by PSP officers are effectively utilized in ongoing reforms of our Armed Forces conducted in the areas of their new assignment on their return to the country.

Azerbaijan continues to be one of the biggest partner staff contributors to NATO PSP program. Participation in the program has mutual benefits for both Azerbaijan and NATO. Our officers fulfill their designated responsibilities and contribute to NATO’s Partnership Programs. Today, a number of PSP officers from Azerbaijan take an active part in organizing various NATO courses, training, exercises as well as conferences as an expert at various NATO Headquarters and in different Allied and Partner countries.

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