U.S. State of Montana proclaims "Khojaly Remembrance Day"

The Governor of the U.S. State of Montana Steve Bullock signed a statement condemning the Khojaly Massacre, which was committed by Armenia’s armed forces against the Azerbaijani civilians in 1992. The massacre resulted in the killing of 613 civilians, including some 300 children, women and elderly.

The statement, which has been received by the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles, says: "As Governor of the great State of Montana, it is with a solemn heart that I urge all Montanans to recognize February 26th as 'Khojaly Remembrance Day', a day of remembrance for the lives lost in Khojaly, Azerbaijan in 1992. Azerbaijanis living in Montana and around the globe observe this day every year to honor the lives lost on that day."

“The events in Khojaly are a sobering reminder of the damage that can be inflicted in wartime and serve as an enduring reminder of the need for greater understanding, communication, and tolerance among people all over the world," the statement continues.

“As Montanans, we join with our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters in Montana to remember this day while also seeking to find understanding that surpasses the violence so often associated with conflict,” the Governor notes.

This is the first official document on the Khojaly Massacre issued by Montana. Thus, Montana has become the 20th state in the U.S. to condemn the Khojaly Massacre, as well as to recognize and honor its innocent victims.

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