Highlights from NATO’s Secretary General interviews to Azerbaijan’s media outlets during his visit on 17-18 March 2024

- Azerbaijan is an important and valued partner of NATO for many reasons.
- Over these years, Azerbaijan`s contribution to many NATO missions and operations, especially NATO's missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan has been highly appreciated.
- Azerbaijan was the last partner that pulled out its troops from Afghanistan, providing critical support for evacuation efforts from the Kabul airport during the last phase of the mission.
- NATO welcomes Azerbaijan's role in strengthening practical cooperation and political dialogue in many other areas. NATO is interested in increasing cooperation with Azerbaijan on demining, cybersecurity, defense, and education.
- NATO is looking into further expanding partnership with Azerbaijan
- Azerbaijan plays an important role in exporting gas to NATO Allies in Europe.
- Azerbaijan`s export of electricity will further increase the importance of Azerbaijan as an energy supplier to NATO allies in Europe.
- Azerbaijan plays an important role in hosting COP29 this year. SG hopes that COP29 will provide NATO with the platform needed as an International community to make important decisions on many issues related to fighting climate change.   
- NATO also highly appreciates Azerbaijan's support for humanitarian assistance and mine clearance to Ukraine.



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