PRESS RELEASE on 25th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan


In 2016 Azerbaijan celebrates the 25th anniversary since the restoration of its independence. The Constitutional Act on the Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted on 18 October 1991 declared that the republic was succeeding the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Thus, the republic asserted its state independence and sovereignty to the international world. That day went down in Azerbaijani history as the day of the restoration of state independence. The flag, the national anthem and the emblem of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic were adopted as attributes of the state, while 28 May started to be celebrated as the Day of the Republic.




As any other newly independent republic, Azerbaijan faced quite a few difficult tasks: to develop and adopt fundamental laws, form the state apparatus and new public institutions, determine the foreign political and economic course, ensure national security, etc. This required the government a balanced, prudent and, at the same time, resolute approach to the solution of top priority problems.


Since 1993, the republic entered into a new stage of statehood, a stage necessitated by all political and public forces interested in seeing a sound political, economic and spiritual life of the state and society. A lot has been done over the period for all the citizens of Azerbaijan. The leadership of the country comprehensively develop all democratic institutions and a multiparty system, and provide for the exercise of all human rights and freedoms. At the same time, a new socioeconomic system has taken shape which opened the way for the development of economic relations and led to an unparalleled increase of the gross domestic product, a sharp reduction of the unemployment and poverty, and turned Azerbaijan into one of the most rapidly developing countries in the region.


And today, the government is fully aware of the global challenges and is capable of defining the country’s future development strategy. It is beyond doubt that all the tasks the country is facing will be met. This confidence rests on centuries-long experience, optimism and wisdom of the Azerbaijani people, their hope of a happy future and the desire to see future generations living in a free, independent and prospering country.

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